Sanitary napkin Medium flow classy* "REGULAR"
Sanitary napkin Medium flow classy* "REGULAR"
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Sanitary napkin Medium flow classy* "REGULAR"

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A design close to a disposable but more and more nice, here is the Classy!

Shorter version of the regular long, the most discreet for the day.

The materials used for these SHL are synthetic, they Dry quickly . Small plus: the dry effect fabric and the heart of the product are Colloidal silver treated , Which gives the product properties Anti bacterial Of great efficiency.
The fabrics are to the SCPIA and OEKO TEX standards , No more dubious chemicals directly in contact with your mucous membranes, which poison you slowly!

Very soft, the draining and breathable mesh-developed for athletes-in contact with your skin allows liquids to pass quickly, guaranteeing you a remarkable "dry" effect. This mesh is deliberately black , To allow the shl to keep a clean appearance, which can be a plus for those who have a hard time with residual spots, blood, or even teenage girls who need to change in college or high school

They have two stars Anti-slip On the external side for more stability.

Their look is deliberately close to a sanitary napkin from the store to less shock those who do it, and a nice satin comes to finish the borders of the product for a neat and elegant appearance

This shl is Thin (4mm) With a very attractive absorption capacity for its thickness, they are suitable for an average flow.

Easy to use and maintain

Closure by pressing which guarantees a solid fixation and which allow to close the SHL so that it takes up less space in your bag

To guide you in your choice refer to the comparative images of sizes.

Sold to the unit

From 8 SHL purchased, the waterproof carry bag is offered to you!

This SHL exists adult size for adults, but also for young teenage girls during their first menstruation years, who would be eager to use washable, thanks to YOUNG models which are narrower and smaller, therefore more suited to their morphology.

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