Instructions for use Flat layers


Soak your preplate in a little water (just enough to cover it and a handful of salt to fix the colors. Wash according to the indications available at the end of the instructions





  • Once your folding is ready, place your booster or veil if necessary.

  • Place baby on the preplate

  • Cut down the pre-folded part on the sex of the child.

  • Take the wings back to the front of the layer, above the folding. The wings don't have

  • Necessarily need to be horizontal, in some children the preplate holds better with the fins obliquely.

  • Secure with a strong Snappi, elastic, or secure nanny pins.

  • Put an overcoat or waterproof short on top of the preplate.


Daily cleaning:
The simplicity of maintenance of the preplate is one of its great attributes.

  • Take your preplates at a maximum of 30 ° C to get rid of as much dirt as possible.

  • Wash in normal to long cycle in case of stool, 40 °C max

  • Air drying (recommended) or dry clothes in delicate mode (mild to medium temperature).

  • Recommended ironing on the edges of the preplate (for the comfort of the child) has average temperature and steam.

Maintenance products:
Be careful not to use white vinegar on a regular basis, as the latter would make the fiber weakened.
Avoid the use of a tool, which risks fouling your diapers in the long term and increases the risk of allergies (perfume)
It is possible to use homemade or industrial laundry, however, note that industrial laundry carries less risk of fouling.

Do your inserts quickly feel ammonia or lose their effectiveness? Water beads on it instead of being absorbed? Baby starts making unexplained erythemums? No panic! :) In use, limestone, laundry and glycerin can fit into the fiber of the inserts, reducing the absorption capacity. Clean your diapers as usual, then let guide you!

1) Swoosh test:
It consists of checking that your inserts are not victims of residual deposits of laundry.
Take a preplate, put it in a basin of warm water, and knead/rub it.
Water disorder : Your diapers have laundry deposits. Machine them and start a 60-degree cycle without adding any laundry. Redo the test. Renews until the water is clear
Clear water: Your inserts have no laundry deposit. They are farmed! Follow the instructions below

Before you clean up, start by free the fibers from the limestone that trails them.
Leave your layers to soak in a basin of hot water, with white vinegar or citric acid, until the water is cooled, brewing from time to time. White vinegar is also a natural disinfectant.
Rinse then proceed to the cleaning.

In a large basin or bathtub, pour hot water-just enough to cover the layers-with the addition of product: 2 CàS of percarbonate for 4L of water or follow the instructions in the box.
Immerse the layers there and let soak for at least 4 hours. The longer the bath will last the better.

Take out the layers
Do a rinse cycle in the machine. Repeat until there is no more foam
Renews this until the water in the clean baths is clear (clean water may be slightly bleary from the products, but should remain "white")


To ensure better hygiene and avoid fouling, remember to clean your washing machine once a month.
Just put a liter of white vinegar, citric acid or descaler in the drum of your machine, and start a cycle of cleaning machine.
If your machine does not have this option, start a long cycle at least 60 ° C