Collection: Hybrid flat diaper "1.2.3"

Everyone appreciates flat diapers, they are very absorbent, are suited for all body styles BUT... some people encounter difficulties in folding, others have babies who move a lot and it is difficult to put the diaper without undoing the folding.

We have the solution, which allows you in 3 movements only, to prepare the equivalent of an origami folding .

here is the hybrid 1.2.3 flat layer! 


There are two versions
- 1.2.3! SNAP button closed
-1.2.3! BASIC closed by a snappi


What are the advantages of the hybrid Flat  "1.2.3!" diaper?
-simplified folding, which is less easily undone
-saving folding time
-comfortable and soft, leaves the child free of his movements without marking the skin
-fully absorbent 
-high absorption
-Modular reinforced absorption zones without addition of booster
-adapted to different morphologies.

-usable day and night


Available in 3 sizes 2 baby sizes and 1 for older kids, in materials that respect the skin and the environment, and always handmade with love in our workshop near Angoulême


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  • Hybride bébé Coton bio 1.2.3! 5 coloris
    Hybride bébé Coton bio  1.2.3! 5 coloris
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