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Learning the kalimba is quick and easy, and does not require any knowledge of music. A bit of practice, and that's it :)
Its small size allows it to be taken everywhere with you!

The kalimba is an excellent music therapy tool, it pleases babies, soothes, helps reduce stress and anxiety. Effective at all ages, from birth, also works very well on people with behavioral disorders. Animals are also receptive to it.
Smell the scent of the wood, feel the soothing vibrations that the kalimba emits when you play it, and let yourself be lulled by the sound of its voice.

Poopoopidoo offers you different types of wood to find the one that speaks to you the most. We advise you to take the time to listen to each instrument before making your choice, because each material has its own sound.

You will find in the products that we offer quality instruments from various brands as well as instruments hand-made by us in our workshop located in Charente!

FLAT type: FLATs are thin and made from a simple piece of wood. They are solid, have a low to medium volume, are suitable for smaller hands and complete beginners. Usable from 2 years for the 8-key models, 4 years for the 17-key models. 

SOUNDBOX type: hollow, are you the same principle as a guitar. The notes last less than on the FLAT, but their volume is much higher, which allows you to be heard better in a noisy environment. The holes allow playing using a "wah wah" effect. Thicker than flats. 

Among these 2 types we find two kinds of kalimba: 
Diatonic kalimba : a single row, equivalent to the white keys of a piano. Mostly accessible to children, available in 7, 8, 17, 20 and 21 blades

Chromatic kalimba : two rows of reeds, the bottom row is equivalent to that of the diatonic kalimba with an additional row at the top, equivalent to the black notes of the piano. ability to play larger varieties of music. You no longer run out of notes, and composition "by ear" is simplified. These kalimba are suitable for beginners as well as experienced musicians

What does the sound sound like?
Watch the following video, played on a chromatic kalimba we made!


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  • Kalimba SEEDS hollow -20K-Acacia
    Kalimba SEEDS hollow -20K-Acacia
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  • Kalimba SEEDS FLAT -20K- Acacia
    Kalimba SEEDS FLAT -20K- Acacia
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