Instructions for use P'tit Bloomer

P'tit Bloomer evolutionary-INTO USE

Before any first use, be sure to wash your blogger according to the indications below:

Cleaning machine or hand 40 ° C maximum on preferably delicate cycle.
Be careful not to clean the little blacket with other products fitted with velcros, at the risk of damaging the rubber band on the borders, or clean in a net.
Do not use whitening products, nor white vinegar (which gnawes at rubber bents)
Drying in the open air

Install the absorbent part on the child (diaper, preplate, flat or mold layer), then proceed as follows:

  • Open the little Bloomer

  • Place the under the buttocks of the child, the front is the face with 12 pressures.

  • Waist circumference:
    Close on the sides, adjusting the adjustment to the morphology of the child. You need to be able to pass your fingers without them being compressed.

  • Height and thigh height:
    Turn off the crotch pressures to reduce the height and thigh circumference. The elastic should fit the shape of the thigh without tightening too much.
    -It is possible in case of a very voluminous layer too compressed with a basic adjustment, to keep the correct adjustment of the legs by relaxing the bottom of the underwear. To do this, keep the setting of the crotch at the two side pressures, and release the nelse by changing only the adjustment of the central pressure.

  • Put your fingers in the internal folds formed at the crotch (between pressures) to "lie down" this fold and increase the comfort of the child.

  • Get the rubber band on the thighs (the blogger is worn more like a short than a piece of pants)

  • Make sure that the elastic are flat and plated against the skin of the child, no day should appear, or even, minimal.

  • And here it is!

Sometimes it is possible that moisture passes on clothes, here are the causes:

  • The "inner" layer is saturated and leaks by compression (wearing too tight clothes, wearing etc.)

  • The inner layer is in contact with the loomer's elastic (leakage by capillarity) or protrits from the blogger.

  • The blogger is damaged and the lamination thugs pass the liquids (presence of small holes or cracks on the lambed surface of the fabric)

  • An unsuitable adjustment