Who are we?

Behind Poopoopidoo hides a young stylist and modelist mom.

All the products are hand-made, in a small workshop  on the ground floor of the family home, located in Charente, in the south-west of France. Products were tested on  our children, children of relatives, and modified until reaching the expected effect.

We attach great importance to the quality of textiles, especially those that come into direct contact with the mucous membranes (European and American standards), to offer you products that are healthy for  skin and environment. They come in a wide variety of fibers to allow you to find the one that suits you, and limit the risk of allergies and skin reactions depending on the different skin types.
Sensitive to animal welfare, only vegan products are sold on this website.

Our products are Zero waste oriented, and are designed to combine comfort, practicality, and design, with the most possible affordable prices.

We are kalimba makers, all our POOPOOPIDOO branded kalimba are handmade at home. 
We use resins that are BPA free, and finish the wood with organic oils to ensure that the kalimbas are as natural touching as possible. Our kalimbas are vegan too.

We believe in effects of music on health, so we added to our activity the making and selling kalimbas since 2020, and using only sustainable sourced woods