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What is TE3?
The TE3 (All In 3) is a type of washable diaper that is made to save space, laundry and therefore energy.
It consists of 3 elements
-A fabric panties, permeable, breathable.
-A basket (a kind of waterproof pocket in which we put the absorbents)
-Absorbents (called inserts) accompanied by a veil for a dry buttock effect.
It is possible to replace washable inserts with disposable inserts during holidays or outings.

The TE3 allows you to use the panties until they are dirty, the carrycot up to 3 times if no saddle is issued, inserts and veils are to be changed at each change. Unfortunately this type of diaper has sizes and everything has to be changed as baby grows...
But not anymore! :)

The Stylish TE3
Poopoopidoo has created for you the first TE3 that is mostly scalable.
Panties, inserts and veils will follow your children from birth to cleanliness, only the carrycots will have to be changed, which ultimately represents a saving of about 600 euros! All in quality materials, and handmade, in France in our small workshop.

This product has been designed to make baby comfortable in his diaper! Stylish leaves little or no marks on baby's skin. Due to its composition allergic reactions are minimized.
The panties are mainly made of cotton (only the outer fabric of the diaper can contain synthetic fibers), the parts against the mucous membranes are made of OEKOTEX100 or SCPIA materials, and the absorbents and veils are treated with colloidal silver, a harmless antibacterial and virucidal treatment used in the hospital world.
In short, a healthy, technical product, designed for children and their parents.

A very large choice of fabrics and colors, everyone will find his happiness!
Materials and prints with various themes, a look closer to the garment than the diaper.
Because sometimes baby stays in diapers, as much as it is in style! ;)

How is the inside of the layer?

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