Kalimba SEEDS hollow -20K-Acacia

Kalimba SEEDS hollow -20K-Acacia

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Discover this beautiful kalimba with its crystalline, clear and powerful sound, of incredible quality. One of the most beautiful sounds we offer you!
This Kalimba has a resonance box, which gives you the possibility of making wawa effects, an amplified and prolonged sound. 

The keys are organized in two rows, and follow the classic order of the notes - like on a piano - which will facilitate the playing of those who already have knowledge of music, as well as composition.
Due to this organization in two rows, the keys are spaced further apart which allows you:

  • to play with the pad of the finger (practical for those with short nails)
  • an easier game for stronger hands
  • less risk of touching two keys by accident, therefore a clearer game
  • a simplified display by playing the melody with one hand and the accompaniment chords with the other.
  • easier deciphering of digital partitions

The holes are located far from the keys, giving you great sound amplification without residual noise. 

This instrument will become a must-have in your kalimba collection. 

Tuned major
number of keys: 20
Species: Acacia
Weight: 573g 
Thickness: 4cm
Numbered keys

Delivered with : 
-Score manual
-Small hammer for tuning
-Storage bag
-Tremollo chain