Little Bloomer child "SAFARI"

Little Bloomer child "SAFARI"

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A little game in a (very) hostile jungle!


We know from experience that boxers often have trouble getting under certain clothes, and panties tend to leave marks on the thighs and back of the child. So we hijacked a classic of clothing: the bloomer.

Made of PUL Oekotex it is very thin, and goes under a large majority of clothes. Thanks to its ultra-soft and soft elastic bias, it generates very few marks on the child's skin
Equipped with pressures, in front, the waist can be widened, and pressure at the crotch, to adjust with a simple gesture the height and the circumference of the thighs. The little bloomer is evolutionary and will follow your child from 11 to 26 kg*
Always made in fun and original prints, for the pleasure of the eyes, with a little retro air thanks to the bloomer shape.

*attention approximate weight, it depends on the morphology.

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