Baby Plate TERRY "BOOST"

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Made of French terry bamboo/hemp GOTS in ecru color or French terry bamboo/cotton GOTS cream color, this plate is super fine and absorbent and will allow you to transform your simple beds from any material whatsoever into double absorbent plates!

Cut weight
New born 2.5 to 6 kg 300ml
baby 4.5 to 11 kg 400ml
unique size 6.5 to 18 kg 500ml

Absorption calculated after 1 wash, the product will reach its maximum absorption after about ten washes.

How does it work?
Layer your flat layers
Place baby on the diaper
Turn off using a Snappi Or a Secure nmaid pin
Cover with Waterproof panty , It's ready!

Sold to the unit
Please note that the subject colors may vary depending on the stock!