TERRY "COOL" Child Plate

TERRY "COOL" Child Plate

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On the sunny beach, pineapples who love to sunbathe!


Made of French terry bamboo/hemp GOTS or French terry bamboo/cotton GOTS, covered for fun dune thickness of cotton oekotex jersey, this plate is thin and absorbent!

Turn it into a duplicate for the night by adding the "TERRY BOOST" plate also made of the same absorbent material, or add a booster

It will be suitable for children who pee a lot, the cotton face placed against the skin will allow those allergic to bamboo or hemp to enjoy the absorption and finesse of these fibers, without any contact with the skin!

Cut weight
15 to 25 kg 800ml

Absorption calculated after 1 wash, the product will reach its maximum absorption after about ten washes.

How does it work?
Fold your flat layer
Add a booster or dry effect veil if needed
Place baby on the diaper
Close with a [012751 012751]
Cover with Waterproof panty It's ready!

Sold individually
Please note that overthrow colors may vary.