Kalimba Chromatic 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" - BOREALIS - Sapele and resin
Kalimba Chromatic 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" - BOREALIS - Sapele and resin
Kalimba Chromatic 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" - BOREALIS - Sapele and resin

Kalimba Chromatic 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" - BOREALIS - Sapele and resin

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Our kalimba from the "UTOPIA" series are chromatic, and therefore have tones and semitones, for a release of musical possibilities and increased pleasure!
Our patented support system gives our signature sound: that of a very pure and more "joyous" kalimba on the lower level, and a timbre which is colored with a slight resonance close to the tongue drum on the upper level, for accentuate and make more dramatic the play of half tones.
The kalimba from the UTOPIA series therefore produce a sound that is always clean, full of depth and life, and hold tuning extremely well over time to make your life easier!

This kalimba has a clear sound, the highs are crystalline, non-metallic, the medium slightly round, and the bass very round, harmonized in a deep resonance, superb sound projection and a frank attack.
This Utopia kalimba model is soft, celestial, but does not lack character!

Each utopia “BOREALIS” kalimba is hand painted with oil paint then resined. At Poopoopidoo the touch and smell of wood are important, the back is therefore in oiled wood. The northern lights have colors that vary from blue to green, sometimes including purple hues.


2 modes to choose from
There are 2 arrangements in redundant mode, note that in the event of choosing redundant mode, you can receive either full or chroma+
Both are very similar (except for one note) and accessible to beginners

each tone has its corresponding semitone just above it. Repeating 4s and 1s for easier playing. 
18 tones, 12 semitones + 4 repeats repeated at the top

Same principle as above with omission of a semitone, for a kalimba with a slightly larger range, i.e. 19 tones, 11 semitones + 4 repeated

2- NON-REDUNdant
tones from °4 to 5°° A large range for many playing abilities
23 tones + 11 semitones without repetitions.
Only available granted in C or B

Tuning recommended for musicians or kalimba players
It is also accessible to beginners but it remains a little more complex.

Which tone to choose?
All our instruments are tuned in major mode. Whatever tuning you choose, you will be able to play the same pieces, the kalimba scores being encrypted. Make your choice based on your hearing preferences. Are you more sensitive to high or low sounds?
Do you like high pitched sounds? Choose a C B
Do you like midrange sounds? Choose an A or a G
Do you like bass sounds? Choose an F# F or Low E
In case of specific needs or hesitation in the choice of your instrument, you can refer to our guide HERE

The C tuning is only really useful in the case of a playing project with other musical instruments or for writing by ear, with audio support and without a score, your own covers and scores.
The C being rare and not always appearing in a series, we strongly suggest keeping an open mind when choosing the tuning if the one in C is not absolutely necessary, to make it easier for you to obtainun instrument

Each piece of wood being unique, with its small differences in density, we choose the tuning that sounds best after several tests. We therefore advise you to keep this tuning in the future.

 General informations
number of keys: :34
Species: Sapele
Numbered keys - yes

Delivered with : 
-Tuning hammer
-Tuning clip
-Hard case
-double tremolo chain
-cleaning cloth