Kalimba SEEDS FLAT -20K- Acacia

Kalimba SEEDS FLAT -20K- Acacia

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Discover this beautiful kalimba with warm basses, crystal high notes, clear and powerful sound for a flat kalimba, of incredible quality. One of the most beautiful sounds we offer! 
The FLAT type is particularly suitable for small hands and those looking for a small instrument.

The keys are organized in two rows, and follow the classical order of the notes -as on a piano but without the black notes- which will facilitate the play of those who already know music , as well as  composing.
Because of this two-row arrangement, the blades are more spaced, allowing you to:
Play with the pulp of the finger (practical for those with short nails)
Easy play for stronger hands
less risk of hitting two keys by accident, thus a clearer play
a simplified game by playing the melody with one hand and the accompanying chords with the other.
easier to play with other fingers!

This instrument will become a must in your collection of kalimbas!


General info 
FLAT type
C major tuning
number of keys: 20
Essences: Acacia
Thickness: 2 cm
Numbered keys

Delivered with: 
-Sheet music manual
-Small hammer for tuning
-hard case
-Tremolo chain