Preplate SNAP Baby cotton organic "STRATES BLEUES"

Preplate SNAP Baby cotton organic "STRATES BLEUES"

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Bone and ammonites... Dwell in the strata and discover the buried treasures, under the curious eye of a chameleon!

Of infinite simplicity and absolute comfort, this preplate absorbs large amounts of liquid for an amazing small buttocks effect.


Sizes: Weight Absorption

S/M from 3.5 to 15kg 400ml
M/L 9 to 20 kg 500ml

Absorption calculated saturation . The product reaches its maximum absorption after 10 washing.

Made of materials combining an excellent compromise ecology / comfort

  • A side of cotton / spandex printed jersey (cotton for fast absorption and spandex for better comfort) certified Oekotex
  • A side of french terry brushed cotton GOTS / spandex.

Certified cotton gets is less polluting to production than normal cotton. The yields imposed during cultivation are 40% lower than ordinary cotton, the water supply much lower, no harmful chemicals . Certification also guarantees you ethical production from planting to finished product.

The preflats are absorbent but not waterproof. Don't forget to add our P'tit bloomer evolutionary on top to preserve baby's clothes from moisture!

* The layout of the prints may differ from one layer to another, as well as the color of the contours depending on the stocks.
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