Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO MINI 17K « TRAVELER » - different woods

Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO MINI 17K « TRAVELER » - different woods

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For adventurers and people who need to bring a some peaceful music with them, here is "TRAVELER" the kalimba that combines a mini format without limiting the possibility of really playing music tunes!

Due to its small size, it is also suitable for young children from 4 yo, making it the perfect family kalimba.

"TRAVELER" is also a kalimba that could be described as ecological. It is manufactured in upcycled wood parts or wood scraps. Because they are upcycled, our stocks varies depending on the woods we find. 

The finishing of the wood is natural, based on oils and vegetal waxes.


Padauk: a soft, intimate, crystalline sound in the treble with a little roundness in the bass

C tuning 
Number of keys 17
Engraved keys: YES

Comes with
tuning hammer 
Storage pocket 
Cleaning cloth.