Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO 17K - "TRAVELER"-various woods

Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO 17K - "TRAVELER"-various woods

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Padauk traveller:

For backpackers or people who need to take a little peace and music with them without getting in the way, here is "TRAVEL" the kalimba which combines a mini format without limiting the possibility of really playing musical tunes! 

Due to its small size, it is also suitable for young children from 4 years old, which makes it the perfect family kalimba , as well as for caregivers because this instrument fits easily in the pocket of a blouse.

“TRAVELER” is also a kalimba that could be described as ecological . It is made from pieces of reclaimed wood or scrap wood.

The wood feel is retained for increased warmth and softness in the hands and good hold of the instrument in the hands


  • Cherry: a deep, warm and crystalline sound. Lots of vibrations felt in the hands, nice note duration and a very surprising sound volume for its size! A little reminiscent of the music box in its tone
    Cherry wood kalimba are particularly appreciated by anxious, stressed or neuro-atypical people, looking for softness and calm. 
  • White oak : round and warm sound, muffled and very soft with a soft sound volume as well. slightly drier, perfect for faster games.

C tuning 
Number of keys 17
Engraved keys : YES

Delivered with:
tuning hammer 
Storage pouch 
Cleaning cloth