Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO 17K -« ME(LL)OW » -french wild cherry wood

Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO 17K -« ME(LL)OW » -french wild cherry wood

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For those who are looking for a very round, very warm and mellow tune, but with high keys with long lasting sound!
Very rich in vibrations, it's like ME(LL)OW purrs. It's particularly pleasant experience for those who want to feel the music physically, and get maximum comfort from it.
Light weight, usable from childhood ( 3/4 years)
This kalimba is made of local wild cherry wood, dried in open air for 30 years, and protected with a layer of deodorized coconut oil to keep the very soft  wood’s touch . Difficult to do more ecological!

Adorned with a little cat who would love to play with the keys too!

Tuning C
essence willd cherry wood
Number of keys 17
Engraved keys: YES
Weight: 360g

Comes with:
tuning hammer
Cleaning cloth