Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO 17K - "ME(LL)OW"-cherry

Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO 17K - "ME(LL)OW"-cherry

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For those looking for a kalimba with a balanced sound, soft but powerful at the same time! 
Very rich in vibrations, ME(LL)OW purrs. A particularly pleasant experience for those looking to physically feel the music, and derive maximum comfort from it.
Lightweight, usable from childhood (3/4 years), it is light and robust! 
This kalimba is made of local cherry wood, air-dried for 30 years, and protected with a mixture of vegetable oils and waxes resistant to saliva and perspiration. It’s hard to be more eco-friendly! 

Decorated with a little cat who would love to play with the keys too! 

Also available in a 21 keys version for those who appreciate deeper sounds. 

Choice of C, B or A tuning
Number of keys 17
Engraved keys : YES
Weight: 360g

Delivered with:
tuning hammer 
Storage pouch 
Cleaning cloth