Kalimba HLURU MINI ALTO 7K - Black walnut

Kalimba HLURU MINI ALTO 7K - Black walnut

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The mini alto kalimba is a mini instrument with 7 keys , made of walnut wood with a good duration of notes. 
Its keys are larger and allow you to play with the pads of your fingers. 

This instrument is to be reserved for percussion/accompaniment or relaxation use in improvisation, its special tuning does not allow it to play many melodies, but its warm tone and its low notes will guide you towards a moment of relaxation and appeasement .
Perfect for those who are very stressed or those who meditate. 

Suitable for children of all ages, for young children (2 years old) it will be preferable to play it on the knees or on a flat surface because the instrument is a little large for very small hands, but for children from 5 years old this kalimba is playable in a basic way, in the hands.

number of keys: 7
Alternative tuning
Species: walnut
Weight: 201g 
Thickness: 2.5cm
Engraved notes: no

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-Storage pouch