Chromatic Kalimba 34K SEEDS - Black walnut

Chromatic Kalimba 34K SEEDS - Black walnut

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LINGTING brand chromatic Kalimba

A beautiful purpleheart wood, a beautiful purple color and laminated therefore shiny, a sound very reminiscent of bells, metallic and bouncy, reminiscent of sleigh bells, and therefore aptly named "SNOW WHISPERER" The sound volume is discreet to medium, very soft. A unique sound.
The curved and shortened keys allow for plenty of room to rest your hands on the soundboard, making it comfortable to hold. Note, however, that the keys are much higher than on other chromatic kalimba , so small hands will have to exert more effort to play them.

The tuning system and the design are innovative, we no longer use the classic tuning hammer but an allen key. 

THIS KALIMBA IS A FULL CHROMA in redundant mode, meaning that for each tone at the bottom, the corresponding semitone is just above it, with some notes from below being repeated at the top tier. 

Tuned: C Major
number of keys: :34
FLAT type
Essences: Amaranth/purpleheart
Thickness: 2.5cm
Numbered keys : no

Delivered with : 
-allen key
-Hard case
-soft pouch
-Silicone fingertips
-numbered stickers
-colored key guide stickers
-Cleaning cloth
- sheet music booklet