Chromatic Kalimba 37K POOPOOPIDOO UTOPIA - "SPECTRA" - maple
Chromatic Kalimba 37K POOPOOPIDOO UTOPIA - "SPECTRA" - maple

Chromatic Kalimba 37K POOPOOPIDOO UTOPIA - "SPECTRA" - maple

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Our kalimba from the "UTOPIA" series are chromatic, and therefore have tones and semitones, for a release of musical possibilities and increased pleasure!
Our support system gives our signature sound: that of a very pure and more "joyous" kalimba on the lower level, and a timbre which is colored with a slight resonance close to the tongue drum on the upper level, to accentuate and make the play of semitones more dramatic.
The kalimba from the UTOPIA series therefore produce a sound that is always clean, full of depth and life, and hold tuning extremely well over time to make your life easier!
The 37K version is the most complete in the range.

"SPECTRA" has a crystalline sound with a very light, non-aggressive metallic timbre, a little more "mellow" treble, excellent sound projection, and a long note duration.
Its soundboard is made on a maple wood base. What better choice knowing that labradorite was discovered in Canada, and that maple is its symbol?

Each utopia “SPECTRA” kalimba is hand painted in a 3D painting technique, so each one is unique in its appearance. The color is changing depending on angle and light, varying from blue, blue\green, cool purple, and ends its color journey with a very warm plum shade.
The back of the instrument retains its wooden feel for better grip and more warmth.
The vibration felt in the hands is gentle.

A clear and powerful spirit, a hypnotic appearance, for a kalimba imbued with mysticism.

Two types of very similar arrangements are possible, and sent at random depending on stock.





each tone is aligned with its corresponding semitone just above,
with omission of a half tone - rarely used -, for a kalimba of range:
23 tones, 15 semitones, from °4 to 5°°
Accessible to beginners







each tone is aligned with its corresponding semitone just above, for a kalimba of range:
22 tones, 15 semitones, from °4 to 4°°
Accessible to beginners

What tone and frequency should you choose?
All our instruments are tuned in major mode.
Since kalimba scores are encrypted, whatever key you choose, the piece of music will be transposed to the key of your instrument.
The C tuning is only really useful in the case of a playing project with other musical instruments or for writing by ear, with audio support and without a score, your own covers and scores.

The 37K kalimba are mainly available in B and Bb. The C is rare and does not always appear in a series. We therefore strongly suggest keeping an open mind when choosing tuning if C is not absolutely necessary, to make it easier for you to obtain an instrument.

The 440Hertz frequency is the standard used in music currently, but we also find instruments with a 432hz frequency. 432 is often preferred for relaxation and meditation because it is slightly lower pitched than 440 Hz. 432hz is only available in C and B tunings.
Each piece of wood being unique, with its small differences in density, we choose the tuning that sounds best after several tests. We therefore advise you to keep this tuning in the future.

 General informations
number of keys: :37
Species: maple
Numbered keys - yes

Delivered with : 
-Tuning hammer
-Tuning clip
-Hard case
-double tremolo chain
-cleaning cloth
keys tuning diagram