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Our kalimba Of the "UTOPIA" series are chromatic, and therefore have tones and a half tones, for a release of musical possibilities and a greater pleasure!
Our patented support system gives our signature sound: that of very pure and more "joyful" kalipba on the lower floor, and a timber Which is colored with a slight resonance close to the tone drum on the top floor, to accentuate and make more dramatic the play of half tones.
The kalimba from the UTOPIA series therefore produce a sound always clean, full of depth, life, and hold the tuning extremely well over time to simplify your life!

india Is made of paddauk wood. It has a crystalline and metallic sound, close to the carillon, of great purity and richness. The note time is long, the sound volume powerful for a full harmony-table kalismba.
This kalinmba interestingly blends a natural bright color and a spicy smell reminiscent of India.


Each piece of wood being unique, with its small differences in density, we choose the tuning that sounds best after several tests. We therefore advise you to keep this Tuning In the future.


Each tone has its corresponding half tone just above. Repetition of 4 and 1 for ease of play.
18 tones, 12 half tones + 4 repeated at the top
Accessible to beginners

Beware in the case of the kalymba granted in B And C, they are quite rare. In case of out of stock and the need for a kalymba in these tunings We suggest you activate the alarm on the full chroma and chroma + styles to increase your chances (there is only a note of difference between the two)!

2. Tuning CHROMA +
Same principle as above with omission of a half tone, for a karIMba with a range A little bigger be 19 tones, 11 half tones 4 repeated
Accessible to beginners

3. Tuning TYPE CHROMA + non redondant
Tons from ° 4 to 5 ° A large range For many game abilities
23 tones 11 half tones Without repetitions.
Only available granted in C and B

Tuning Advised for musicians or regulars of the karmba
It is also accessible to beginners but it remains a little more complex.

Which tone to choose?
All our instruments are tuned in major mode. Whether you choose a Tuning In C, B, or A, you will be able to play the same songs. Make your choice according to your hearing preferences. Are you more sensitive to high or low sounds?
Do you like high-rise sounds? Choose a C or B
Do you like median sounds? Choose an A or G
Do you like low sounds? Choose an F # or F
Do you like very serious sounds? Opt for Low E!
In case of doubt about the choice of your Tuning Or the timber , We invite you to check the files on the kalimmba at the bottom of your screen

General information
Name of lames: :34
Essences: padauk
Numbered Lades YES

Delivered with :
-Connection hammer
-Tuning pincer
-Hard case
-Double Chainage with lemolos
-Cleaning cloth