Kalimba Chromatic 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA"-Olivewood Wood

Kalimba Chromatic 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA"-Olivewood Wood

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 Our kalimba from the "UTOPIA" series are chromatic, and therefore have tones and semitones, for a release of musical possibilities and increased pleasure!
Our patented support system gives our signature sound: that of a very pure and more "joyous" kalimba on the lower level, and a timbre which is colored with a slight resonance close to the tongue drum on the upper level, for accentuate and make more dramatic the play of half tones.
The kalimba from the UTOPIA series therefore produce a sound that is always clean, full of depth and life, and hold tuning extremely well over time to make your life easier!

This kalimba is made of olive wood, we have never before encountered this type of wood in these instruments. It was after various tests that we chose this wood, very dense, of great beauty, with a delicate olive scent. A pleasure to observe, to play, a natural beauty.

A round and warm sound of great richness, an intimate and reassuring tone, the softness of a caress, it is a kalimba which refers to the warmth of home, hence its name, HESTIA, Greek goddess fireplace.
The sound volume is lower than on other kalimba in the Utopia range, the highs are a little drier. The tone is somewhat reminiscent of an acoustic guitar, the vibration in the hand is powerful and enveloping.
This kalimba has been specially designed for severe anxiety problems and players prone to hyperacusis.


 Each piece of wood being unique, with its small differences in density, we choose the tuning that sounds best after several tests. We therefore advise you to keep this tuning in the future. 
also note that each wood grain differs from one kalimba to another. 


each tone has its corresponding semitone just above it. Repeating 4s and 1s for easier playing. 
18 tones, 12 semitones + 4 repeats repeated at the top
Accessible to beginners

Same principle as above with omission of a semitone, for a kalimba with a slightly larger range, i.e. 19 tones, 11 semitones + 4 repeated
Accessible to beginners

Which tone to choose?
Please note that this kalimba has the particularity of only having tunings in F or Low E (bass)
If in doubt about the choice of your tuning or tone, we invite you to consult the files on the kalimba at the bottom of your screen

 General informations
number of keys: :34
Species: olive wood
Numbered keys yes

Delivered with : 
-Tuning hammer
-Tuning clip
-Hard case
-double tremolo chain
-cleaning cloth