Chromatic 34K  Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" - Olivewood

Chromatic 34K Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" - Olivewood

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UTOPIA series kalimba is made in france by hand, in our workshop. Each kalimba is a little piece of art and is unique!
This kalimba has the particularity of having two rows of 17 blades, the tones on the bottom row (equivalent to the white keys of the piano) and the semitones on the top row (equivalent to the black keys of the piano) which will allow you to play a wide variety of music without having you worrying about Key limitations or tuning changes like in 1 row basic kalimbas.
Free yourself and your musical possibilities!


This kalimba is made of olive wood, we had never before encountered this wood essence in a kalimba. It is after various tests that we've chosen this wood, for its great beauty, its delicate smell of olive and his particular sound. A pleasure to look, to feel, to smell, to play, a natural beauty.

This kalimba has a round and warm rich sound , an intimate and reassuring timbre. The sound volume is a little lower than on the other utopia kalimbas, the hight notes are harder. It's quite a motherly kalimba. very suited for hyper acousy and anxiety issues.
Due to the very high density of its wood it is only available in medium to bass tuning.

Each piece of wood being unique, with its small differences in density, we choose the tuning that sounds best after several tests for each kalimba.  We advise you to keep this tuning in the future.


******************************  2 TUNING SETUPS  *******************************

Each note has its sharp (#) above for an easy play. 4 and 1 keys are redundant ( repeated) on the top layer of keys
18 notes ,12 sharps + 4 redundant notes on upper layer
beginner friendly!

Same as full chroma minus one sharp , + 1 note for a bigger range 19 notes ,11 sharps + 4 redundant notes on the upper layer
Beginner friendly

Which tuning  to choose?
All our instruments are tuned in major mode. Whether you choose a tuning in C, B, Bb, A, or others you can play the same music pieces. 
Olivewood is specifically a bass kalimba. 
available in F or Low E tunings.


Type  FLAT
number of Keys: :34
basic material: olivewood
engraved keys- yes

Comes with:
-Tuning hammer
-Foldable tuning pliers
-Hard case
-cleaning cloth
-Double tremollo chain