Kalimba 17K POOPOOPIDOO - MAUI - Black walnut

Kalimba 17K POOPOOPIDOO - MAUI - Black walnut

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Dark wood reminiscent of the fine sand of volcanic islands, dark turquoise waves that play with the light….

 Go on a trip without leaving home with Maui, our 17 keys version of our magnificent kalimba inspired by Hawaii! 

Made of black walnut wood, parts of wood left raw for a maximized 3D effect. The keys are mounted on our all-metal system, which extends note duration and greatly increases the vibrational properties of the instrument to allow you to physically feel the music.

The timbre is mainly dark and mysterious, halfway between round and crystalline for a beautiful balance, and great clarity. 
A moment of escape for your mind

Number of keys 17

tuning: C, B or A
thickness: 2cm
Essence of black walnut + resin
Engraved keys yes

Comes with: 
-storage pouch 
-Tuning hammer
-Cleaning cloth