Kalimba 17K POOPOOPIDOO - BOULDER OPAL-rose wood

Kalimba 17K POOPOOPIDOO - BOULDER OPAL-rose wood

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A mystical kalimba that imitates a Boulder opal through its resin work! You will never tire of observing the iridescent inclusions which change color depending on the light, as well as the deep metallic reliefs present on the body of the instrument. the whole thing is covered with a shell which rounds the corners for a more pleasant grip!
 On a rosewood base, with a color naturally varying between pink and red, a sweet/spicy smell and a great softness to the touch, BOULDER OPAL has a soft and crystalline sound without metallic timbre

The keys are mounted on our exclusive all-metal bracket design, which provides excellent note duration and intense vibrational power. 

This instrument will offer you a magical moment where all the senses will be awakened. 

Each kalimba is handcrafted in the workshop, and each is unique, you will receive a kalimba of the same style but note that placement details may vary in the resin set.  

Number of keys 17

tuning in C, B, Bb or A
thickness: 2cm
Rosewood essence + resin
Engraved keys : yes 

Comes with: 
-Tuning hammer
-Cleaning cloth
-storage pouch