"H" organic modular baby stylish insert

"H" organic modular baby stylish insert

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In boys, the urine is usually concentrated on the front of the insert while on the girls they concentrate at the crotch. Very often the insert is slightly wet in the buttocks.
The H insert will allow you to increase the absorption on the necessary areas by simple folds, minimizing the thickness on the buttocks, helping you to maintain a small guddy effect.

Made of various mostly organic materials (GOTS certification), find the one that suits you in terms of absorption and composition!

  • Cotton is made of GOTS cotton French terry, very flexible and very soft. It is the finest.
  • Cotton + is enhanced with a very absorbent anti-bacterial zorb heart, It is thin and has a better hold (more rigid)
  • Hemp Cotton Is made of GOTS cotton French terry, very soft and very soft, with a thickness of hemp fleece and cotton inside. As thin as H cotton +
  • Medley is in French terry bamboo cotton gots, heart of French terry hemp cotton gots, and a face of cotton jersey oeko tex
  • Duo is a dual use insert. A dry effect anti-caterical draining mesh side (for those looking for rapid absorption or who do not want to worry about putting on a veil, heart in anti-bacterial zorb and French terry of cotton and bamboo GOTS for the moments or we are looking rather soft and soft.

Last name Materials Abs. Finesse
Cotton French terry of organic cotton (full color) 200ml +++
Cotton + French terry of organic cotton (full color) +
Anti bacterial zorb
270ml ++


French terry of organic cotton (full color) + Hemp fleece and organic cotton (ivory) 250ml +++



Double thickness French terry organic cotton/bamboo (ivory) + heart hemp fleece/organic cotton + outer side oekotex printed cotton jersey

To calculate

Duo Black anti-bacterial draining mesh + Zorb + French terry cotton GOTS 250ml ++

* Absorption calculated after 1 wash, the latter will increase over the washing.
Please note that both the colors and printed may vary and are chosen at random according to the stock.

The MEDLEY is unsuitable for size S nacelles because they are very thick. Reserve them at M or L sizes.

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Folks are childlike simplicity.
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