Hybrid baby TERRY 1.2.3! "WOODS OF ROSES"

Hybrid baby TERRY 1.2.3! "WOODS OF ROSES"

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Let's observe the delusions fly over the dark waters


Made of French terry bamboo / GOTS hemp covered for fun with a thickness of cotton jersey oekotex, this plate is thin and absorbent!

It will suit children who are peeking a lot.

Cut weight
3.5 to 8 kg 500ml
6 to 16 kg 600ml

Absorption calculated after 1 wash, the product will reach its maximum absorption after ten washing.
The latter can be further increased by adding a booster.

To help you make your choice, here is a useful measure:

Cut Height of the part of the pup
1 34 cm
2 42 cm

If your child is approaching the weight limit, or is within the weight range from the waist to the top, take the waist to the top to use the product longer

How does it work?
Bend your hybrid flat layer
Add a booster or dry effect veil (if needed)
Place baby on diaper
Turn off using a Snappi, A Secure nmaid pin , Or pressures depending on the option chosen
Cover with tight panties, it's ready!

Sold to the unit
Please note that the subject colors may vary, as well as the pattern placement.