POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 41S chromatic harpika
POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 41S chromatic harpika
POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 41S chromatic harpika

POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 41S chromatic harpika

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With a mostly crystalline sound, beautiful sound projection and excellent note duration, here is “KOÏ”. The bass is warm and deep, and becomes more and more brilliant as you go up to the treble, with a little noticeable plucking effect for more fluidity.

The sound of this harpika is a happy medium between the warmth of the Celtic harp, the timbre of the zither or the lyre, with accents and a depth reminiscent of that of the hammered dulcimer. 
A mystical, fluid and gentle mixture, an aquatic universe halfway between Europe and Asia. 
The harpika is decorated with four discreet corners representing a carp, swimming surrounded by flowers, then enhanced by the beautiful red color of the wood and its smell between sugar and spices.

Immerse yourself in its waves, and let yourself be carried away!


This harpika is chromatic in redundant mode - it contains tones and semitones , i.e. complete scales - allowing you great freedom of playing - and notes repeated at the top for simplified chords.
It is accessible to beginners

In its category, it is the most complete instrument in existence, with no less than 41 strings ! The range extends from a °3 to a 4°°, i.e. 3 complete octaves + a tone
For easy reading, the number engravings are painted in contrasting colors, the tones and redundancies in gold, the # in black.

Tuned in C 
number of strings 41

Delivered with : 
storage pouch
tuning key
Cleaning brush
Replacement dowel
Repair sawdust

If a string breaks or wears out, you can find an individual replacement HERE