Stylish* baby panties "ADDICTION"
Stylish* baby panties "ADDICTION"

Stylish* baby panties "ADDICTION"

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Aaaah the shoes...
We often have plenty, but never enough!

Pretty city panties, enhanced with silver sequins without falling into excess, in black, pink and smoky gray tones.

Usable from birth thanks to its pressure system and a simple but ingenious system of velcros, this baby's pair will follow until the clean.

With its mesh on the legs and waist, this panties generates very little or no marks on baby skin and prevents the friction of velcro on the delicate little belly of your child. Farewell unsightly bouloches, the soft plastic injected velcro do not cling to the mesh, which allows the panties to keep a new and soft appearance longer, and to put the panties in the machine without worrying about closing everything. price velcro.
Panty adjustment pressures have a color scheme to help you see the different sizes at a glance.

For use with nacelles and inserts (not included)

2 boots for two morphos. Size BASIC for fine or medium babies, size L for chubby children.

*Registered model