POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 34S chromatic Harpika
POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 34S chromatic Harpika
POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 34S chromatic Harpika

POOPOOPIDOO KOÏ 34S chromatic Harpika

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With a crystalline timber, a beautiful sound projection and an excellent note duration, here is  "KOÏ". The bass are warm and deep, and become brighter and brighter as you go up to the treble, with a little plucking effect for more fluidity.

The sound of this harpika is a balance between the warmth of the Celtic harp, the timbre of the zither , with accents and a depth reminiscent of that of the hammered dulcimer. 
A mystical mix, fluid and soft, an aquatic universe halfway between Europe and Asia. 
The harpika is ornated with four discrete corners representing a carp, swimming surrounded by flowers, then enhanced by the beautiful red hue of the wood and its smell between sugar and spices.

Dive into its waves, and let yourself be carried away!

This harpika is Chromatic -it contains tones and half tones- can be played by anyone - beginners too- who wants the possibility to play more freely and expend the playings possibilities.

The 17 tones from 1 to 3° are located at the bottom to facilitate the passage of kalimba 17K players to the harpika , and the Half tones are located in cross, if the person wishes to add them.
The range ranges from °7 to 4°°, or 2 and a half complete octaves.

Some notes are redundant to help you play and improvise easily
To improve the reading of the instrument, the numbers are engraved below the strings, and tinted in different colors: golden for tones abd redundancies,  and black for half tones


Tuned in C 
number of strings 34

Delivered with:

Cloth pouch

Tuning wrenchy

Cleaning brush 


repairing sawdust


If a rope breaks or wears out, you can find a change unit HERE