Préplate BASIC enfant  coton bio "RAINY MOOD"
Préplate BASIC enfant  coton bio "RAINY MOOD"

Préplate BASIC enfant coton bio "RAINY MOOD"

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A time that puts you in a good mood!


Infinitely simple and absolutely comfortable, this preplate is ultra soft and perfect for children who support only cotton.

Sizes: Weight Absorption

13+ kg 500ml
XL 18 to 28 kg

Absorption calculated at saturation. The product reaches its maximum absorption after 10 washing. Add some more absorption by adding a booster!

Made of materials combining an excellent compromise ecology / comfort

  • A side of cotton / spandex printed jersey (cotton for fast absorption and spandex for better comfort) certified Oekotex
  • A side of french terry brushed cotton GOTS / spandex.

Certified cotton gets is less polluting to production than normal cotton. The yields imposed during cultivation are 40% lower than ordinary cotton, the water supply much lower, no harmful chemicals . Certification also guarantees you ethical production from planting to finished product.

How does it work?
Fold your preplate in 3, and add a booster if necessary
Place the child in his diaper
Close with a secure pin or snappi
Cover your preplate with a shorty or waterproof panties, it's ready!

* The layout of the prints may differ from one layer to another, as well as the color of the contours depending on the stocks.