Kalimba GECKO fan C minor-17K-camphor

Kalimba GECKO fan C minor-17K-camphor

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Let yourself be carried away by the sweet smell of camphor emanating from the wood of this kalimba! 
This model is a "flat" made of a flat wooden base, offering you a solid product with soft and warm sound, short sustain keys  and medium sound volume. 
Its flared shape is ergonomic, fine, therefore perfect for small hands. 
The two rows of keys make this kalimba a little less accessible to beginners. 
Granted in C minor, to play melancholic pieces.


General info

FLAT type
tuning: C Minor
number of keys: 17
wood: Camphor
finish: oiled
Thickness: 2 cm

Delivered with: 
-Instruction manual in English
-Small hammer for tuning
-Storage pocket
- key stickers
-Numeral/Alphabetical sticker
-soft cloth for maintenance