Kalimba HLURU OCEAN 17K -beech and Acrylic

Kalimba HLURU OCEAN 17K -beech and Acrylic

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This model is made of a flat wooden base, for a solid instrument.
Made of varnished beech wood, and decorated with an acrylic resin inclusion representing the sea, with an orca and a jellyfish swimming in it! 
a beautiful object that also sounds good. 
The ocean kalimba has a very bright tone, but round at the same time, as well as a curvature of blades and a shape of wood without stops that makes the game very pleasant sustain is medium.

General Info

FLAT type
number of keys: 17
tuning in C major
species: beech
Thickness: 2cm
Engraved notes: yes

Delivered with: 
-sheet music booklet
-Small hammer for tuning
-Storage pouch
-Soft cloth for maintenance