Kalimba HLURU 8 - rosewood

Kalimba HLURU 8 - rosewood

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The C shape of this kalimba makes it a particularly suitable instrument for small hands or for those who want to create original chords with ease (playing for example with the right hand on the left keys)

The sound is crystalline, soft, and the note duration very good. The timbre is crystalline like acrylic instruments, but in a natural material. The sound is very close to that of a music box , very slightly metallic.

This kalimba is made of rosewood, a wood very popular in violin making, of a beautiful dark chocolate color.


General info
FLAT type
Tuning:C major
number of keys: 17
Species: Rosewood
Thickness: 2 cm
engraved notes: yes


Delivered with: 
-Instruction manual in English
-Small hammer for tuning
-Storage pocket
-Key stickers
-soft cloth for maintenance