Kalimba HLURU 21PRO -black walnut

Kalimba HLURU 21PRO -black walnut

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This model is a "flat" made of a flat wooden base, offering you a solid product with a relatively large volume of sound for this type of kalimba. 
Made of walnut wood, it is topped with 21 blades to give you more freedom in your musical reverie, particularly useful if you are looking to compose or try to reproduce your favorite music.
It goes deeper into the bass than the 17 keys. 
The bass are very warm and the highs are soft but very audible. 


General info

FLAT type
number of kets: 21
tuning in F major
species: Walnut 
Thickness: 2 cm
Engraved notes: yes

Delivered with: 
-instruction booklet in English
-Small hammer for tuning
-Storage pocket
-hard case
-Soft cloth for maintenance
- key Stickers