Chromatic 34K Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA - BORA BORA" - french Spruce
Chromatic 34K Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA - BORA BORA" - french Spruce

Chromatic 34K Kalimba POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA - BORA BORA" - french Spruce

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Please note that all of our spruce and resin utopia kalimbas have the same sound.

UTOPIA series kalimba is made in france by hand, in our workshop. Each kalimba is a little piece of art and is unique!
This kalimba has the particularity of having two rows of 17 blades, the tones on the bottom row (equivalent to the white keys of the piano) and the semitones on the top row (equivalent to the black keys of the piano) which will allow you to play a wide variety of music without having you worrying about Key limitations or tuning changes like in 1 row basic kalimbas.
Free yourself and your musical possibilities!

Please note that each kalimba is unique , be it in the resinwork, wood color or wood veins



This kalimba has a clear and round sound. It is very light-weight

The french spruce wood is harvested from ecological and sustainable forests, worked by hand, then covered with a resin that makes the illusion of a tropical island shore.

Other color: Kalimba "LAS COLORADAS" with pink water!


Each piece of wood being unique, with its small differences in density, we choose the tuning that sounds best after several tests for each kalimba.  We advise you to keep this tuning in the future.


******************************  2 TUNING SETUPS  *******************************

Each note has its sharp (#) above for an easy play. 4 and 1 keys are redundant ( repeated) on the top layer of keys
18 notes ,12 sharps + 4 redundant notes on upper layer
beginner friendly!

Same as full chroma minus one sharp , + 1 note for a bigger range 19 notes ,11 sharps + 4 redundant notes on the upper layer
Beginner friendly

3. CHROMA + non redondant
notes from °4 to 5°°, no redundance. A big range of notes for much more playing possibilities!f
23 notes + 11 sharps without redundant keys
This set up is the hardest one to make, so in each batch of kalimba there are only a few pieces available. Always tuned in C
Can be played by beginners but it will be easier for intermediate to advanced players or musicians.


Which tuning  to choose?
All our instruments are tuned in major mode. Whether you choose a tuning in C, B, Bb, A, or others you can play the same music pieces. Make your choice according to your hearing preferences. Are you more sensitive to high or bass sounds?
If you prefer
a soprano instrument - opt for a C or B tuning
a mezzo instrument- opt for a Bb or A  tuning
an Alto instrument - opt for a G, F# or F tuning

Type  FLAT
number of Keys: :34
basic material: spruce
engraved keys from C to Bb tuning. 

Comes with:
-Tuning hammer
-tuning pliers
-Hard case
-cleaning cloth
-Double tremollo chain