Kalimba Chromatique 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" -Acacia

Kalimba Chromatique 34K POOPOOPIDOO "UTOPIA" -Acacia

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We've created for you our first artisanal kalimba, made in France!
This kalimba has the particularity of having two rows of 17 blades, the tones on the bottom row (equivalent to the white keys of the piano) and the semitones on the top row (equivalent to the black keys of the piano) which will allow you to play a wide variety of music without havingyou worrying about Key number limitations or tuning changes like in 1 row basic kalimbas.
Free yourself and your musical possibilities!

This kalimba is made of acacia, it has a strong clear sound, with some roundness. It has a "punchy" sound.

Which tone to choose?
All our instruments are tuned in major mode. Whether you choose a tuning in C, B, Bb or A, you can play the same music pieces. Make your choice according to your hearing preferences. Are you more sensitive to high or bass sounds?
If you prefer
a soprano instrument - opt for a C tuning
a mezzo instrument- opt for a B  tuning
an Alto instrument - opt for a Bb or A tuning

Type  FLAT
number of Keys: :34
Essences: acacia
Thickness: 2 cm
Non-numbered Keys

Comes with:
-Tuning hammer
-Foldable tuning pliers
-Hard case
-number stickers
-cleaning cloth
-Silicone fingertips